Free Weight Exercises

Last weekend you had decided to undertake strength training to make yourself it and in this regard consulted your best friend regarding a reference, for a gym. Here you were questioned what type of strength training you were planning to undertake strength training with equipments or Free Weight Exercises. Since you did not understand much, your best friend Tim took you under his guidance and explained to you the basics about free weight training. He also outlined the basic difference between strength training with equipments and free weight trainings.

What is the difference between strength training with equipments and free weight trainings?

Free weight trainings are very flexible and when you undertake exercises with them, your body enjoys an overall muscular growth. You can use dumbbells in various weights to build muscles in your body. A simple exercise program here would be to hold the dumbbell with your hands and do different strengthening workouts with them. When undertaking a free weight exercises you would need little space and most of the time they are very inexpensive. These exercises are beneficial for people who have the objective to loose and maintain weight.

Free Weight ExercisesStrength training with equipments is weight training where specific equipments are used to build and strengthen your muscles. A beginner using special equipments can build his body muscles effectively. These machines have specific lifts which help you to enjoy your workouts in a better manner.

What are the different equipments used in free weight workouts?

The basic ones are:

•    BARBELL- This is a metal bar which is 3 feet long and weights can be added at the end. These weights are rounded in nature and the more strength you develop, the more weights you can add.

•    DUMBELLS- These are small weight equipments which can be held in your hands. They are used for arm curls and in step-up exercises. The minimum weight for them is around two and half pounds. The heaviest of them can be around a hundred pounds each.

•    MEDICINE BALL- This is a ball which is large and is used during free weight workouts.

What are the different types of exercises involved in free weight training?

Developing the upper body muscles

In these upper body Free Weight Exercises, you would need a bench and a set of weight sets, as per your capacity. If you are a beginner you would need to set the weight at a minimum level and then slowly build up your weight strength capacity. The first exercise would be to lie in the ground on your back and with a pair of barbell. Then you raise the barbell to your chest and then lower it down. This simple exercise has to be done in set of 5 repletion each and would work the muscles in your chest and arms. When you are doing arm curls then you develop your biceps. For working the triceps, you would need to do the front raises with the barbell.

Working on your lower body

Tim mentions that regular people, who undertake free weight workouts, work on the upper body part more and tend to ignore the lower body parts. However if you are engaged in an active life you would need to work the lower part of the body. Here your main equipment would be the dumbbells. The most common exercise is the dead lift. In a dead lift, you sit down a few meters above the floor, holding the dumbbell in your hand. Then you slowly stand up straight on your feet, taking care that the dumbbell is still in your hand. After a few seconds you again get back to your earlier squatted position. You do this exercise a few times over a couple of minutes. The dead lift when done on a regular bases would help you to enjoy strong thigh and back muscles.

Building your abdominal muscles

In order to build your abdominal muscles using free weight workouts, you would need a dumbbells and a medicine ball. Here you lie on the medicine ball and hold the dumbbells in both your hands. Now start stretching your body and slowly do the crunches. Over a period of time you would notice that you have great looking abs which would be admired by many.

You thank Tim for his input and make a note to buy the equipments which would help you with your free weight workouts by next weekend.